Nobody Cares About Your “Billion Dollar Idea.” Execution is, indeed, everything. Show me your team, even if it is a team of one, how far you have come, and how you are going to achieve your future. While doing this explain your reason for existence and why your business will not win a Darwin Award.

– John Raymonds

John Raymonds

Not long after graduating MIT I switched gears away from my major into the family rigid plastic packaging business. After a long learning curve in a turnaround situation I partnered with First Atlantic Capital in 2004 to grow it from the then $90M US turn over to over $300M US in just four short years. In 2008 I divested the domestic holdings while maintaining a packaging business in Europe which has since been sold as well.

From turnaround to massive and rapid growth I led the process for management change at the COO level, defined strategic rationale for existence in a marketplace with traditionally thin margins, and put in reward systems to share the success going forward. Money is easy to find. Finding outstanding people that are able to make things happen is hard.

From TEC (now called Vistage), to TIGER 21, to now a peer group at the XPRIZE Foundation and others I have always strived to grow my own skill set to better achieve my goals and those of others.

Robert P. Regimbal

Is the Co-Manager of Raymonds Capital LLC and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for Thorlabs, Inc., a global manufacturer of photonics equipment and systems. Prior to joining Thorlabs in 2011, Robert was a partner in the law firm of Graham & Curtin P.C. concentrating in international and domestic mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, corporate finance, private placements and restructuring, and complex commercial transactions.  

Robert graduated from Seton Hall Law School in 1988 and with a B.A. from The Catholic University of America in 1982. He is admitted to practice law before the Courts of the State of New Jersey and the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.

He is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association and the American Bar Association  (International Business Section and Corporate Law Section).

David L. Smith, CPA

Is the Chief Financial Officer of Raymonds Capital, LLC.

Prior to joining Raymonds Capital, LLC in 2008, David was the Chief Financial Officer of Captive Plastics, Inc., a manufacturer of plastic bottles and closures for 17 years.

David graduated from The Pennsylvania State University in 1977 with a B.S. degree in Accounting/Finance.

Select Direct Investments

Using the experience of turning around, building out, and eventually selling a family plastic packaging business Raymonds Capital, LLC looks to help others achieve similar success. From sanity checks, possible business connections, to just a different view point the goal is to always help both sides to build further on what they are already good at. INGENIUM AMICITIA FLORESCETO — innate talent shall flourish through friendship.

Bulletproof’s mission is to help people perform better, think faster, and live better using a proven blend of ancient knowledge and brand new technologies, tempered by research, science, and measured results from their customers, top athletes, and medical professionals.

– Investor since 2014

BRON MEDIA CORP. is an integrated film and entertainment company with subsidiaries focused on intellectual property (“IP”) creation and financing for the motion picture, television, and digital media sectors. Original IP is developed, acquired, financed, produced, and distributed through the company’s various subsidiaries, which include; Bron Studios, Bron Animation, Bron Creative, and The Realm. Bron is headquartered at its studio facility in Burnaby, British Columbia, with a secondary production space also in Burnaby, a studio in Duncan, British Columbia, and satellite offices in Los Angeles and New York.

– Investor since 2011 (through Intrinsic Properties, LLC)

Capitalogix develops proprietary trading processes and data for global futures markets using artificial intelligence and machine learning. This allows them to find and trade what is working, while it is working, in real-time. Instead of high-frequency trading, Capitalogix relies on high-frequency research and asset allocation strategies. The recipe is simple: Know Faster, Act Faster, and Profit Faster.

– Investor since 2016

Dealflicks was an online movie ticketing company founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, CA. The company sold discounted movie tickets online and through mobile devices. The company was partnered with more than 750 theaters in the United States. As of July 2014, Dealflicks had raised $1.7 million in seed funding.

– Investor since 2016 

Their mission is simple: ensure every student gets a world-class education. Every classroom has students at many different levels. In fact, close to 75% of classrooms have students with reading levels that span across more than four grade levels! Yet, most teachers are only provided with resources that teach one specific level. To overcome this, teachers work nights and weekends to find the perfect piece of content for each of their students. Then, during the day, they work with their classes in small groups so they can personalize their instruction as best they can. Teachers are doing this all on their own and they deserve our help. That’s why, at Freckle, they provide teachers the resources and data they need to teach all of their students at the level that’s best for them.

– Investor since 2014

Genea provides cloud-based software and services 24/7 for the commercial real estate industry. They develop value-added tools for property teams to manage tenant-related services including after-hours HVAC and lights, automated submeter reading and billing, and building apps and web services. They’ve built Genea on a foundation of listening to and serving their customers. Over the years, they’ve earned the trust of the biggest names in commercial real estate and continue to earn their business every day. In return, their customers have asked them to help solve other problems in their daily lives. This has allowed Genea to grow its product portfolio to serve the complex and expanding needs of property management teams. As Genea continues to grow, they’re committed to providing practical solutions that leverage technology to solve industry problems. They’ll continue to provide the highest possible level of customer service to customers and their tenants, so they can become the industry standard for CRE.

– Investor since 2009

Good Money is a conscious digital banking platform providing best-in-class banking and financial services while democratizing ownership to its customers for the first time in history and directing 50% of profits to impact. They’re taking over the financial system and using it for Good.

– Investor since 2018

HeroX allows any company and organization to solve any problem in any field with the power of the crowd. They excel in the intersection of crowdfunding, competitions, and collaboration to drive open innovation in businesses. They specialize in helping big companies and organization to innovate on their biggest problems and challenges by connecting them with specialized crowds that wouldn’t be available for them otherwise. Drawing upon 17 years of the XPRIZE Foundation experience and best practices, HeroX introduces funded prizes for groundbreaking challenges.

– Investor since 2013

Involved is a survey software for government, organizations, and higher education.

– Investor since 2019

The strength of community is rooted in a basic idea: we all can support the common good. Kindly aims to amplify that capacity and motivates us to take action. They provide the Kindly community with opportunities to learn about their neighbors, especially those who need a hand. The durable problems they face are solvable, and they want to inspire everyone to do their part. Kindly has evolved from the input of new and old friends across industry sectors. They’re lucky to have the support of scores of organizations and the spirited people that work with them.

– Investor since 2018

Furthering his commitment to kids and education, Burton announced his decision to expand his content offering and areas of focus through a new venture, LeVar Burton Kids. LeVar Burton Kids will continue to offer updated content through the Skybrary Family and Skybrary School services while creating new original programming with Burton’s voice and mission at the helm. His new endeavor will be aimed at promoting critical thinking and igniting kids curiosity through a broad range of subjects close to his heart. In addition to introducing STEM-based subjects, he intends to explore diversity, equality, and social-emotional topics.

– Investor since 2011

LEVEL is a cannabinoid company that facilitates custom cannabis experiences for our patients and consumers. Developed and manufactured in San Francisco, LEVEL’s products are founded in unique and rare cannabinoids. This approach allows individuals to discover the untapped potential of cannabis. Cannabis is a journey. LEVEL’s mission is to create the toolkits needed to embark on your individual cannabis journey.

– Investor since 2017

Leverage. Assistants you can trust. They combine the personalization of a lone assistant with the bandwidth of a dedicated team.

– Investor since 2019

Moon Express believes in redefining the possible by expanding Earth’s economic and social sphere to our 8th continent, the Moon.
They welcome expedition and payload partners on their commercial missions of opportunity. Their MX explorer systems are also available for charter and customer-owned missions, delivering breakthrough opportunities for scientific and commercial exploration at an unprecedented low cost.

– Investor since 2014

Pharmapacks, is a leading e-commerce company with a proprietary tech platform that empowers Brands with a complete and cost-effective logistics, fulfillment, marketing and sales solution. Pharmapacks sells both direct-to-consumer on and through its partner websites, including Amazon,, eBay amongst others. Pharmapacks serves as a “launch pad” for emerging brands by giving a select amount of lesser-known brands access to the Pharmapacks e-commerce platform and consumer base. This enables brands to focus on product research and development, while Pharmapacks strategically sets competitive price points and builds a connection between the consumer and the brand.

– Investor since 2019

The asteroid mining company. Founded in 2009 by Eric Anderson and Peter H. Diamandis, M.D., Planetary Resources, Inc. is establishing a new paradigm for resource utilization that will bring the solar system within humanity’s economic sphere of influence by enabling low-cost robotic exploration and commercial development of asteroids. Asteroid mining will open a trillion-dollar industry and provide a near-infinite supply of precious resources to support humanity’s growth both on this planet and off.

– Investor since 2014

Through artificial intelligence, Spiral Health engages entire communities in their health, deliver personalized action plans, track outcomes, and use biometric health data to drive real results. Their mission is simple, to use digital technologies to bring access to healthcare to those who need it most.

– Investor since 2017

Thryve is an open and connected way to share your microbiome data, knowledge and interest with other citizen scientists. They stress the importance of leading a healthy life, but also understand how hard it is to start. Staying on a “healthy” diet or exercising are common steps, but do they really improve your health? They are changing the ambiguity of health into something transparent and actionable.

Microbiome science is still at the cusp of making amazing discoveries about the human body. However, scientific research needs to speed up by an order of magnitude to make an impact on human health. Thryve provides the platform where citizen scientists, academic researchers, and pharmaceutical companies alike can come together and uncover meaningful insights into learning about the microbiome.

– Investor since 2019

Tocagen is driven by a vision to end cancer mortality. The company was founded on this vision in 2007. Tocagen’s mission is to become a leading biopharmaceutical company for the treatment of cancer using cancer-selective gene therapy products based on our retroviral gene therapy platforms to increase lifespan, initially for patients with advanced local and metastatic cancer. Their broadly applicable product candidates are designed to activate a patient’s immune system against their cancer from within. At the core of their approach is a novel gene therapy platform that utilizes retroviral replicating vectors (RRVs), which are designed to selectively deliver therapeutic genes into the DNA of cancer cells. Their proprietary platform is designed to fight cancer through a combination of mechanisms of action without the autoimmune toxicities that patients commonly experience with other treatments. In other words, Tocagen’s technology is designed to combat cancer with fewer side effects, keeping patients’ healthy tissue intact while the tumor is destroyed. They believe their approach to fighting cancer using RRVs is an important scientific advancement over prior gene therapy approaches, as well as a potential complement to existing therapies. They believe their innovations may fulfill the promise of gene therapy as a safe and effective treatment for cancer. Ultimately, Tocagen exists for the patients, powered by a mission to revolutionize cancer treatment. With the right therapeutic approach, their hope is that even the most aggressive forms of cancer can be safely and effectively controlled, and each day we strive to turn that bold vision into reality.

– Investor since 2008

In pursuit of the perfect night, TodayTix believes there’s nothing quite like theater. Now in New York, London, Toronto, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Seattle, they provide the best discounted and full price tickets available, with exceptional service to match. TodayTix is your guide to discovering and unlocking the city’s best performances.

– Investor since 2017

2017, XCOR closed their doors for good and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy XCOR builds rocket-powered spacecraft and the engines that drive them. They are focused on the research, development, and production of safe, reliable, reusable launch vehicles (RLVs), rocket engines and rocket propulsion systems. XCOR is now in the phased development of its next-generation vehicle, Lynx. In addition to taking a pilot and one spaceflight participant to the edge of space, the vehicle will provide affordable suborbital launch services to academic, scientific, engineering, and observation-related markets. Following the XCOR philosophy of progress and success by incremental steps, two more vehicles, including an orbital craft, are planned for the future.

– Investor since 2013

Select Syndicate Participations

Most syndicate participations are confidential and cannot be disclosed. The following are publicly viewable investments via AngelList.

FabFitFun inspires happiness and personal growth through discovery. Their are the #1 full-size subscription box, helping members discover brands and products for a life well-lived. Their fast-growing subscription service reaches hundreds of thousands of women in the US and Canada, and their editorial content, videos, and social posts entertain millions of women around the world each month. FabFitFun was founded in 2010 and is backed by tier-one investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Upfront Ventures, and Simon Venture Group.

– Investor since 2015

Orange Chef designs and manufactures hardware and software applications to answer some of the toughest questions around health and nutrition.

– Investor since 2015

Sometimes an investment does not work out in a spectacular way. Court documents in uBiome’s initial bankruptcy filing said the company may owe millions of dollars to health insurance companies, and could also face criminal and civil penalties from ongoing investigations related to its billing practices. It was not long after filing for bankruptcy that the company closed permanently. Below is the original purpose of the company. In some cases it takes a good ten years to become an overnight success. For this company the shortcuts it took cut the possibility of long term success from ever happening.

uBiome is a citizen science startup that sequences the human microbiome. As the first and largest successful crowdsourced citizen science project in history, they allow the public access to cutting edge sequencing technology and are building a data platform to gather, analyze, and translate data about the human microbiome. They have developed the first sequencing-based, clinical microbiome tests and are committed to empowering patients and their healthcare providers to understand and take greater control of their health. They provide actionable insights and information to help foster understanding about the microbiome and the role it plays in health and wellness. uBiome’s mission is to transform research into useful products based on the microbiome.– Investor since 2014

Wag’s mission is to make dog ownership easier. People can’t give dogs the attention they deserve and have to schedule their daily lives around their furry loved one. Dogs have three main needs: to go to the bathroom, to exercise, and to eat. By offering a convenient way to get a dog walker whenever a person needs it, Wag! is tackling two out of those three daily needs.

– Investor since 2015


Select Limited Partner Relationships

When you can’t do it yourself, work with others who are doing it better than everyone else. These are those people.

Elliott Management Corporation is one of the oldest fund managers of its kind under continuous management. As of January 1, 2019, Elliott manages approximately $34 billion in assets under management. The firm employs a staff of 464 people, including 168 investment professionals, in its New York headquarters and affiliated offices elsewhere in the United States, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

– LP since 2007 

Hayman Capital Management, L.P. is an investment management company based out of 2101 CEDAR SPRINGS ROAD, Dallas, Texas, United States. Hayman Capital Management, L.P. is an SEC-registered asset management firm based in Dallas, Texas. The firm was founded in 2005 by J. Kyle Bass, who oversees all investment activity as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Bass has more than 25 years of experience in the financial markets, with particular expertise in global event-driven investing. Hayman has more than a decade-long history of investing in multiple asset classes across global markets.

– LP since 2010

Illuminate Ventures is an early stage VC investor focused exclusively on enterprise cloud and mobile computing companies. They don’t rely on “pattern recognition” or following the herd. Their sweet spot is as a lead or co-lead of a startup’s first institutional round of financing. Their team is made up of experienced investors with prior operational success, complemented by a world-class, 40+ member Business Advisory Council. They’ve been there themselves as entrepreneurs and work closely with founders to support them in building truly great companies and teams. Illuminate’s results speak for themselves. As an early investor in companies like BrightEdge and Xactly, they have helped them grow their revenue from zero to tens of millions in recurring revenue. Prior successful exits as both founders and investors include Xactly (IPO NYSE: XTLY, then acquired by Vista), Opsmatic (Acq by New Relic: NEWR) Vivant (acq by EVLV/ORCL), Scopus (IPO), WildPockets (acq by Autodesk: ADSK), Red Aril (Acq by Hearst Corporation), Sense Platform (acquired by Cloudera), CalmSea (acquired by Coupang).

– LP since 2012 

Lux Capital invests in emerging science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible. They partner with iconoclastic inventors challenging the status quo and the laws of nature to bring their futuristic ideas to life.

– LP since 2006 

Over the last decade, Millennium has been a pioneer, innovator, and leader in developing institutional-quality alternative liquidity programs for companies and shareholders in the venture capital ecosystem, partnering with the world’s leading technology companies to design investment structures that foster long-term growth from growth capital to debt financing and secondary liquidity. The firm has close to $1 billion in assets under management, and has completed more than 300 investments that include Facebook (FB), Twitter, Tumblr (acquired by YHOO), Zappos (acquired by AMZN), Chegg, ArcSight (acquired by HPQ), Lookout, Good Technology, NetSpend (NTSP), Green Dot (GDOT), PlaySpan-(acquired by V), Tellme (acquired by MSFT), RigNet (RNET), eHarmony, BeachMint, HauteLook (acquired by JWN), ETF Securities, Tremor Video, LegalZoom, Wayport (acquired by T), Datapipe (acquired), Epocrates (acquired by ATHN), iPass (IPAS), Airvana (acquired by SAC Capital), HootSuite, LiveOps, MarkLogic, ID Analytics (acquired by LOCK), Acronis, LifeLock (LOCK) and many others. Millennium’s most recent fund, Millennium Technology Value Partners II, is the largest fund focused on providing alternative liquidity solutions to shareholders of venture-backed companies. In addition to its leadership in secondary investing, Millennium also provides flexible capital solutions to high-growth companies. Based in New York, Millennium is led by its founding partners Samuel Schwerin and Daniel Burstein.

– LP since 2009

Renaissance Technologies is a quantitative investment management company trading in global financial markets, dedicated to producing exceptional returns for its investors by strictly adhering to mathematical and statistical methods.

– LP since 2008 

Whitebox Advisors LLC (“Whitebox”) is a multi-strategy alternative asset manager that seeks to generate optimal risk-adjusted returns for a diversified base of public institutions, private entities and qualified individuals. Founded in 1999, Whitebox invests across asset classes, geographies, and markets through the hedge fund vehicles and institutional accounts we advise. The firm maintains offices in Minneapolis, Austin, New York, London and Sydney.

– LP since 2007

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